Mailer Takes Advantage of the Asian American Voters!

For Immediate Release – February 25, 2014
Contact: Jacey Jetton:


Mailer Takes Advantage of the Asian American Voters!

(Houston, TX) – In the first week of the Texas 2014 Primary Elections, a mystery person sent out a slate for the Republican Primary that has quickly stirred up discussion in the Asian Community.

The Texas Asian Republican Assembly (TARA) is the official Asian Republican organization in Texas and as such, is also an affiliate member of the Republican Party of Texas. The Texas Asian Republican Club (TARC) is the local Harris County affiliate of TARA. It has come to our attention that a mailer was sent using a similar name and targeting Asian voters in the 2014 Republican Primary, with the sole purpose to confuse and mislead this important and growing community. This mailer with a slate of endorsed candidates has absolutely no connection to TARC or TARA. On behalf of the Officers and members of TARA and TARC, we condemn this unethical and deceitful activity.

We encourage those behind the “Asian Republicans of Harris County” mailer to come out from the shadows and explain the real motive in their actions. “Asian Republicans of Harris County” is not a group, is not registered with the State or the Texas Republican Party, but rather a name that has been used for the purpose of promoting this mailer.

Dr. Martha Wong, President of TARA states: “The Republican Party of Texas and I have never heard of this mysterious group and we condemn any deceptive actions used to wrongly influence any voter, whether it is “pay to play” or a made up organization targeting a minority group.”