Anthony Nguyen


Anthony Nguyen is President of Texas Asian Republican Assembly of Austin. He serves on the Board of TARA of Austin, the Pflugerville Republican Club and PfCONA, a group of neighbor associations providing a forum to discuss community issues. He is a software consultant by trade. Anthony believes that the American dream is alive today and that is achieved by having liberty, freedom and limited government. Anthony immigrated to the USA at the age of 2 with his brother and pregnant mother. Anthony’s family escaped Vietnam during the end of the war, where the threat of total government control forced his family to break apart. Anthony’s family was separated from his father for 15 years. Mom raised his brother, sister and Anthony by herself. Mom taught how to be independent, to work hard and to be responsible individuals. Anthony believes in the American dream, equal opportunity and freedom for all. The Republican party has consistently protected these ideals and principals that the American dream for anyone who works hard to achieve it.